Useful Social Media Optimization Trends that Shape Your Business in 2015

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2014 is a big year for Social Media Optimization which saw new turns and new challenges. Now it’s time to look forward to 2015. Social media is an excellent platform of constant evolution. It’s about sharing great content to communicate in a new way. One can easily target their business with the help of major & popular social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. Social Media will no longer be optional for your business. This is because there is tremendous growth in internet and social media users today. And one can reach out their potential customers on social media very easily. Below mentioned are some SMO trends for better business productivity this New Year 2015. Does your website contain Social Media Icons? Make sure that your website page should have social media icons that can be seen and clicked. They should be direct links to your Facebook page or other social media account pages which you have. In this way, they function as your business marketing hub and people can know more about your services. LinkedIn Social Selling – B2B into B2C Linkedin is popular platform worldwide now. In this New Year, one can see tremendous growth of B2B recruiting and advertising. Also, major brands will also utilize LinkedIn platform to create a B2C relationship. The power of LinkedIn The popularity of LinkedIn would continue to rise in this year 2015. This is a prominent platform which let the employees and employers to follow up on various job posts and articles. One can take advantage of pulse on LinkedIn to create informative and needful data that reflects your knowledge that in turn reflects your company. B2B companies should use LinkedIn platform to connect with the potentials prospects. Advertising with Twitter will blow up Twitter announced new advertising campaigns to tempt the businesses with more choices. This new structure includes tweet engagements, app installs, new followers and leads, and many more. Content marketing will grow by leaps and bounds Did you know users love to consume easily consumable content? Really, this should be no longer a secret. Creating a high quality content which speaks directly to the issues, needs, and challenges your customers are facing, is very important. Make sure that, you need to provide them quality content that is written for users and optimized for search engines. Now the current trend suggests that marketing through television ads, radio are becoming less effective. So, it’s better to concentrate on producing the most valuable, engaging content which is specially designed for specific audience. It’s the year for Mobile In 2015, the marketers will pay more attention towards mobile. This trend will continue through the next several years. Today, everyone is aware that social apps are among the most used features of mobile devices. Of course, 65% of social networking activities are carried out from the mobile devices. Keeping in this mind, websites should not only be responsive, but also to be developed with the mobile user in mind. Paid Ads are Unavoidable In this year, social networks will push businesses into their advertising programs. Many social platforms are busy in expanding their advertising platforms. Facebook is encouraging the businesses to use paid ads which can easily reach large percentage of fans when compared to the organic posts. Hence, social media marketers who avoided social advertising in 2014 will love it in 2015. This New Year is a great chance to start your big game. Make 2015 as your business growth year with these latest Social Media Optimization...

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Present Content Marketing as per SEO and Google Updates

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Content Marketing is now a key focus in the Digital Marketing Sector as content is always king. Content Marketing is more than just words as focal point for online marketing campaign. You can take this era as a wakeup call for all the webmasters to know the importance of Content Marketing in digital Sector. It generates traffic, it generates leads, generates customers and success. Content Marketing fuels other channels. Before, content is just an articles that would get uploaded on a website as an attempt to rank that site for target specific keywords. For our surprise at present the strategy has changed radically. Cool rankings through Scraping content from the internet and spinning it into hundreds of articles through different software which are barely readable is no more working and long gone strategy. Search engine optimization companies count do this now As per the present scenario we need to be smart enough to combine Content Marketing with SEO for grabbing more qualified search traffic. It’s time to restructure every organization to make Content Marketing and SEO under one roof. These are no longer separate departments now. They need to go hand in hand to dig up best outcome. If your campaigns of content marketing and SEO are different then definitely there will be a difference in your expectations when the results displayed. You need to realize that these are no more different campaigns and combining them into one campaign will work out best for you. What does the Google updates tell us? Are we alert about Google updates? Google is continuously updating its algorithms with an aim to improve user experience of search engine. I guess you are now in a thought process of your role to change according to the change. Yes in fact it’s a great deal to fasten our belts. Let’s creep into the deep insights. We need to keep away from getting slaughtered by Google updates. Let us go into the facts. Many experts say that content rules the SEO world now. It is now the key to boost brand awareness and even to drive traffic. We need to keep in mind that Google’s algorithm updates will focus on the end user experience. The latest updates tell us our content must be useful, updated and relevant for the same. Be cautious while performing content marketing. We need to realize that Google has a keen eye and close check on our published content. Relevancy plays a major role and now Google ranks a page based on the quality of content. Can You Guess Today’s Content Marketing Scenario? It is era of Content Marketing. Content Marketing cycle involves research, content creation, optimization, publishing, promoting, and measuring. You’ll be amazed if I say you that many companies already dedicated hike to content marketing in marketing budgets. This makes us clear that everyone has realized the importance of content to bring business.  Creative content Marketing Strategist is now the right person for the target market. Its trend of content marketing campaign with a well thought out plan and execution for a successful business. The creative content campaign can bring along a nice ROI. The content marketing campaign on track is the right target to grab traffic and to increase business. So what to do now??? We need to create awesome content with SEO for the end users which will rank us organically. No more repeated keywords stuff to please Google. Lots of fresh content will reward you ranking. Let me share you that video marketing and visual infographics have become very popular forms of content these days. Your motto...

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