Digital Marketing Classes

Digital Marketing Classes

by admin May 08, 2018

During my stay at Vishakhapatnam, I carried out SEO and digital marketing classes to students pursuing different streams of education at my home.

The personal attention and the homely factor of these classes made a tense free environment for the students to grasp and learn.

What distinguishes the others from the people in the digitized world? It is the quality to harness every available resource on the web and put it some productive use. To inculcate these learning habits into students and individuals of varied ages, I organized and carried out digital marketing classes during his stay at Vishakhapatnam. This included enlightening aspirants with SEO techniques and making a mark in the field of digital marketing. These digital marketing classes were open to students pursuing different streams of education. Also, the versatility of these digital marketing classes was that they were arranged from home which was an added benefit. The students could easily become comfortable and give up the initial reluctance that could hinder their learning process.

The participants of this program were first enlightened by the basics of digital marketing and the digital marketing updates. This included an introduction to various online marketing strategies, user generated content, search, social media and networks, mobile and web analytics. This was achieved with organizing interactive learning sessions through readings, case studies and hand-on projects. The aspirants were benefited from the extensive area of knowledge of the expert speaker and various supplementary tools related to digital marketing were employed in the session. Email marketing, user experience design, search engine optimization, building online communities, geo and mobile marketing were the vivid range of subjects handled.

The SEO was an entirely different and challenging field to learn for the students. Through SEO, the students were taught the how the engine works, what people search for, how the search can be enhanced and optimized depending upon the targeted audience.

By the end of the session, the participants could project a strong base in the fundamentals in the subject. The personal attention and the homely factor of these classes made a tense free environment for the students to grasp and learn. I am a student’s favourite when it came to digital marketing classes and learning the SEO techniques.

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