Internet Marketing Seminar

Internet Marketing Seminar

by admin May 08, 2018

This Internet marketing seminar arranged in Vishakhapatnam was well-received by the people from all the verticals.

The world is said to be now made by the various connecting dots of internet. It is the new global sensation and the internet is the new answer to every ‘it’ thing you might face.

Marketing your brands online is the new trend that is gaining momentum. Any product, brand or company can be popularized, discussed and sold online. Internet media is sought after from all the genres in the market and hence e-marketing is a newly acclaimed concept.

Keeping in mind the expanding horizon of the subject, I organized an Internet marketing seminar in Vishakhapatnam. This internet marketing seminar was well-received by the people from all the verticals.

The participants of this program were first enlightened by the basics of online internet marketing and the internet marketing updates. This included an introduction to various online marketing strategies, user generated content, search, social media and networks, mobile and web analytics. This was achieved with organizing interactive learning sessions through readings, case studies and hand-on projects. Email marketing, user experience design, search engine optimization, building online communities, geo and mobile marketing were the vivid range of subjects handled.

Today, with leading brands launching their product on various internet shopping sites, brand building and selling is also a huge part on internet marketing industry. One can not only market products or services online, but also build up a rapport of your company, institution or as a matter of fact even the talents and skills you can offer. Hence, this internet marketing seminar was well received and over 100 participants contributed their presence. It was a morale booster and a perfect guide to all of them who wanted to thrive in the field of internet marketing.

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