SEO for HouseWives

SEO for HouseWives

by admin May 08, 2018

Held at Vishakha public library, Dwarkanagar, a large number of keen house wives participated in this programme.

The Indian women no longer want to be economically dependent and instead want to support the family financially, also being liberated for themselves. An initiative to help the home makers for starting their own ventures was to provide the appropriate training towards SEO. A seminar on SEO for house wives was arranged at Vishakha public library, Dwarkanagar at Vishakhapatnam

I am the keynote speaker for this workshop of SEO for house wives.

In this workshop, various sessions covering the entire range of topics on SEO were arranged which included the basic introduction of SEO, its need and its optimisation. With a profound knowledge about what the people search for, how the search engine works, the actual term of keywords, how they are entered and scanned by the spiders and how can it be enhanced depending on the targeted audience was sought after. Various different kinds of search operations including image search, local search, video search and academic search were discussed along with industry specific vertical searches.

The workshop comprised of information on introduction to hyperlinks, font styles, nesting, tables, drop down menu and its appropriate usage. This also included important concepts of on page and off page optimisation and its properties. Also, detailed information was provided on Google analytics and Google webmaster tools. Complete webpage development, tips on content and graphics were provided. Various nooks and corners of SEO were explored where-in user/customer mentality was studied and the participants were made aware of what intrigues the users.

Indeed, the workshop on SEO for house wives was an inspiration to all the house wives, or more aptly the home makers who wanted to become financially independent. They could thus strengthen their dreams and walk on the footsteps to establish themselves as successful professionals!

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